How to identify whether second-hand clothes

1, observe the color of the clothes.

Because the color of the old clothes will look old, for this type of clothing can be identified by looking.

2, look at the hangtag

It is to see whether the hang tag of the clothes and clothes, from the hang tag can understand the information of the clothes, so according to the fabric provided by the hang tag to feel whether the clothes meet.

3, smell the taste

Because the refurbished clothes exist for a longer time, so many will remain under the odor left when wearing before. And refurbished clothing if not cleaned, will leave a musty smell, sweat and other odors; in addition, some refurbished clothing will be cleaned, will also leave an obvious fragrance, which is not new clothes should have.

4, look at the details

Second-hand clothing, although processed, but if you look carefully, in the clothing elbow, neckline, knees and armpits and other parts, because before often zigzag, so there will be pleats, friction marks, but these details need to observe very carefully, in order to find out.


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